Powering Your Business and Future for Over 15 Years.

Polwind Group was established in 2003, and has been forming joint ventures which have been realizing wind farm projects with a total capacity of 250 MW "from A to Z".

Our groups staff is made up of managers, engineers and designers with many years of specialization in investments related to wind power.

Thanks to continuous collaboration with leading turbine manufacturers and investment-work contractors, our group is well positioned to observe trends and developments in the industry, and hence, our group implements only ideal and optimal technologies in its systems.

A key element of the success of our projects is that our strategies of action are based on the in-depth knowledge and experience of the staff involved. Our group takes care to develop a proper understanding of requirements and preferences of our clients and interested parties. We also highly respect the values and principles of our clients and interested parties.

As our foundational principles our group strives to foster a climate of understanding and acceptance among people and spread environmental awareness with the belief that investments in renewable energy sources are the best opportunities for sustainable regional development.

Main Reasons Why Choose Us


We have been operating for fifteen years with extensive corporate experience in investing in RES.


We have a team of highly qualified technically as well as business employees who are involved in cooperation with clients.


We take care of the highest possible profitability of projects prepared by us combined with the highest quality.


We handle all the formalities related to the implemented projects in order to simplify the investment process as much as possible.


Together with the project portfolio, we also offer professional service support after the investment starts.


We operate on international markets, able to implement projects in such countries as Georgia, Moldova, Romania and more.

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phone: +48 22 257-88-29