Proper investment management is crucial for the proper conduct and success of any investment.

We employ and cooperate with building inspectors - engineers of all industries necessary to carry out the investment. Our engineers have many years of experience and building qualifications. They have experience both on contracts executed under FIDIC contract terms and on contracts for investment supervision based on the provisions of the Construction Law and the Civil Code. Depending on the scope of the contract, the substitute investor is representative of the investor's interests in the entire investment process, including settlement of the investment or only on the construction site.

We provide services of the Substitute Investor in the scope of conducting a tender procedure in accordance with the PPL or on the principle of maintaining market competition rules in the scope of:

  • designer's choice,
  • selection of the investor's supervision or the Contract Engineer according to the FIDIC contract template
  • selection of the contractor for construction works,
  • management and settlement of the investment process.
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